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Diesel Ad Rollngo Caddy
Smoke - Black Excessive



Engine is being lugged down

Use a lower gear

Intake air inadequate or overheated

Inspect/replace the air cleaner element and look for the other restrictions. If the vehicle is equipped with a valve to switch the intake source from under the hood to outside, position the valve for the season. * Coolant passages plugged in the aftercooler. * Check the charge air cooler for internal restriction. Replace the restricted cooler. * Check and clean the debris from the front of the charge air cooler.

Exhaust restriction

Check for any exhaust restriction and repair

Air leak between the turbocharger and the intake manifold

Check/correct leaks in the air crossover tube, hoses, or through holes in the manifold cover

Charge air cooler malfunctioning

Check for plugged charger air cooler, internal charge air restriction, or leaking charge air cooler.

Exhaust leak at the manifold or turbocharger

Check and correct any leaks in the exhaust manifold or turbocharger gaskets. Look for a cracked exhaust manifold.

Turbocharger wastegate malfunctioning

Repair or replace the wastegate.

Turbocharger worn or malfunctioning

Check for the specified boost pressure. Refer to the turbocharger boost pressure specification. Inspect and replace as necessary.

Extra injector sealing washer installed under injector. This in only applicable on new overhauls

Remove the extra sealing washer.

7 mm injector installed with a 9 mm sealing washer on CDC engines.

Remove the injector and install the proper sealing washer.

Injectors worn or malfunctioning -or- incorrectly installed.

Check the injectors and replace any malfunctioning injectors.

Fuel injection pump malfunctioning

Remove the fuel injection pump and repair or replace as necessary

Piston rings NOT sealing (blue smoke)

Perform a compression check and correct as required.

Fuel injection pump timing is incorrect.

Check and time the fuel injection pump