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Diesel Ad Rollngo Caddy
Smoke - White Excessive

Starting procedure is incorrect

Verify proper starting procedures. Refer to the starting procedure in the operations and maintenance manual

Coolant temperature is too low

Refer to manual

Intake air temperature is too low

Refer to manual

Fuel quality poor

Verify by operating the engine from a temporary tank with good quality fuel. Clean and flush the fuel supply tanks. Use a diesel fuel with a cetane value of 42-50

Fuel injection pump timing is incorrect

Check and adjust the injection pump timing to the engine manufacturers specification

Troubleshoot the cold start device if applicable

Refer to manual

Extra injector sealing washer installed under injector. This is only applicable to new overhauls

Remove the extra injector sealing washer

Injectors worn or malfunctioning or improperly installed (backwards)

Check the injectors and replace any malfunctioning injectors

Coolant leaking into combustion chamber

Refer to manual

Fuel injection pump malfunctioning/delivery valves

Remove the fuel injection pump and repair or replace as necessary.