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Diesel Ad Rollngo Caddy

Welcome to Spencer Diesel Injection & Turbo, Inc.

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Spencer Diesel offers a complete application guide for finding the exact Injection Pump, Injector or Turbo Charger that fits your Agricultural, Industrial or Light Truck needs. So, Click on one of the categories on the left and you will see just how easy it is to find highly special parts for your equipment.



Rebuilt Exchange Units for Immediate Delivery

Spencer Diesel is a premier rebuilder of Diesel Injection Pumps, Turbo Chargers, and Injectors Spencer Diesel began servicing these parts in 1981.

Our skilled Technicians are Factory Authorized to assist in Troubleshooting and Service. We provide rebuilt exchange units for immediate delivery on most fuel injection pump applications. With a little more time we can repair your fuel injection pump or injectors.

Through these years we have continued to build on our reputation as a trusted provider of these parts. Our Technician's experience and training has made them a valuable resource for troubleshooting and assistance in getting your equipment back into top notch condition.

We Strive to Complete Service Requests

Backing up our Technicians is an extensive inventory. We have over 1000 pumps ready for shipment along with Turbo Chargers and Nozzles. We further strive to complete service requests by having over 5000 cores on hand to build into other applications as requested.

Our Calibration Room is Equipped with 17 Test Stands

We use the manufacture's mandatory tools in completing our repairs. Our Calibration Room is equipped with 17 test stands so technicians can move the repair process through in a timely manner.